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Friday, December 30, 2011

Year in Review of 2011 Lists - Top 10 Influencers Locally (Indianapolis, IN)

This years top influencer in the Indianapolis, IN music game in a surprising
change from our year's past list. The FM radio has dominated the minds of
artists and fans up until now.

Last Year: TrillTight DJs

10. Wright Films
9. Chino Dollaz
8. Hype Magazine
7. Greatest DJs
6. Indy Star Network
5. WHHH 96.3 Indianapolis, IN
4. Trilltight DJs
3. Lucky and the Heatspinner DJs

I believe the top influencer in the game today is Ledeana and the rise of the Music Monday. She has put in the effort and work to create an outlet for artists in Indianapolis.

1. Ledeana Brown (Leak Magazine)

Year in Review of 2011 Lists - Top 10 Mixtapes of The Year Local (Indianapolis, IN)

This year a lot of artists released mixtapes locally. The scene in Indianapolis, IN is growing by leaps and BOUNDS and I wanted to give them some recognition. Without further ado....

10. Tone Goody - Out The Mud
9. Golde P - Sounds like Money
8. Lil Billy & Lil Skypp - Great Another Rapper
7. T-Eazy - Trained to Go
6. Hoodlumz - Come Here Streets
5. Mike E - Free Throws
4. Mark Battles - Good Morning America
3. Swoe - What the Trap Due 2 HD
2. Playbwoi - Feelin' Myself

This mixtape had the most all around polish sonically and lyrically and content wise. He showed a lot of love to ALL of the other artists in this city and even had Yo Gotti on the tape. I listened to this mixtape for about 3 weeks straight.

1. Yung Tone - RubberBand Lingo 3

Year in Review of 2011 Lists - Top 10 Local Artists of the Year (Indianapolis, IN)

This year brought about a LOT of new faces and major potential on the local scene. It's MY opinion, you don't have to READ IT! lol

Last Year: Swoe

Honorable Mention: Mike E, Brad Real, Trajik, Joka Slaughta Boi, Rainy boy, Nykky B, Rusty Redenbacher, Dre Dre The Nice Guy

10. Tone Goody (Broz Up)
9. G Fresh (Munki Boi)
8. Lil Skypp (SSM)
7. T Eazy (THC)
6. Lil Poodie (Sec 8/MGG)
5. Lil Billy (HFBT)
4. Playbwoi The Great (625 Ent)
3. Yung Tone (Munki Boi)
2. Mark Battles

We feel that 1 artist was over whelming in the pick for Artist of the year and he had us Jiggin' all year long- Dro Man. His hit "Jiggalate" showed the city that the streets is where superstardom begins and it ended the year on 2012 Should be a very prosperous year for our new Local Artist of the Year pick!!

1. Dro Man

Year in Review of 2011 Lists - Top 10 Songs on the Year

There were many songs that marked the year 2011 and I am proud to present my top 10. Singles have now become the "album seller" and with the advent of itunes, someone can have a very successful career off 1 SONG!

Last Year: "Black and Yellow" - Wiz Khalifa

10. No Hands - Waka Flocka/Roscoe Dash/Wale
9. Ima Boss - Meek Mill/Rick Ross
8. F*ck Everybody - Prince Rick and Treal Lee
7. Jiggalate - Dro Man
6. Work Out - J Cole
5. I Do - Young Jeezy/Jay-Z/Andre 3000
4. N*ggas in Paris - Jay-Z/Kanye West
3. I'm On One - Drake/Rick Ross/Lil Wayne
2. Look At Me Now - Chris Brown Feat. Feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne

With the addictive beat on this song and its famous chant Ass, Ass, Ass, Ass, etc. Big Sean has created the biggest club record of the year. A definite song if you are trying to get a party started. I bet everyone you know can finish this line "Stop. Now make....."

1. Big Sean ft Nicki Minaj - A$$

Year in Review of 2011 Lists - Top 10 Independent Artists of the Year

Independent artists right now are also hard to distinguish because so many people have their own label and then get signed or create large partnerships. My independent artists on this list are TRUELY independent. My 2010 list included Wiz Khalifa, Yelawolf, Travis Porter, 2Chainz, and Alley Boy. My 2011 list should be watched for the biggest up and coming artists in 2012!

Last Year: Yo Gotti

10. Chris Webby
9. Dro Man
8. Kid Ink
7. Danny Brown
6. Atmosphere
5. Starlito
4. Childish Gambino
3. Mac Miller
2. Hopsin

Having long been established as the top independent artist in the hip hop game, Tech N9ne had another breakthrough year, commanding the respect and attention of a larger mainstream audience while maintaining his independent status. In 2011, Tech N9ne and Strange Music conducted their business as usual, over 200 tour dates, two album releases and lucrative merchandising, and in the process he watched the popular hip hop industry fall in line, including collaborations with Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes and a showstopping feature on the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher.

Music channels, magazines, websites and radio promotions usually reserved for major label insiders submitted to the power of the business Tech N9ne created. But greater than any individual accolade he received is the satisfaction of having created a model for independent artists to follow, powered by dedication, uncompromising vision and a top quality team of leaders. - Common Breath

1. Tech N9ne

Year in Review of 2011 Lists - Top 10 Albums of The Year

2011 The Year of the Itunes Album. Itunes truely took over CDs this year as the standard and the bar in selling music. Mac Miller sold 200k + Independently! The Collab album also became popular with Eminem/Royce and Jay-Z/Kanye took their partnerships to the next level on wax. J Cole brought a new flavor for a rookie artist and Big Sean has the year's biggest hit (A$$) off his debut. Make way for the 2011 albums of the year. It's still Cold Outside.

Last Year: Teflon Don - Rick Ross

10. Childish Gambino - Camp
9. Tyler, The Creator - Goblin
8. Yelawolf - Radioactive
7. Big Sean - Finally Famous
6. Mac Miller - Blue Slide Park
5. Eminem - Royce 5'9' - Bad Meets Evil (The Sequel)
4. J Cole - Cole World
3. Jay Z/Kanye West - Watch The Throne
2. Kanye West - Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy

Selling 225k in the first week, and showing he still had the streets, Jeezy dropped the top album of 2011 in the 4th quarter. His single "I Do" ft Jay-z and Andre 3000 set the bar for the whole album and indeed, "The Snowman" is back.

1. Young Jeezy - TM103

Year in Review of 2011 Lists - Top 10 Mixtapes of The Year

2011 was an interesting year in mixtapes, with more people droppin mixtapes like albums (including majors) the genre has really become saturated and tough to distinguish what to listen to. But these mixtapes stood out and in some cases got most of these rappers deals IN 2011. My Top 10 Mixtapes of the Year.

Last Year: Yo Gotti - Cocaine Muzik 4.5

10.Stalley - Lincoln Way Nights
9. Travis Porter - Music Money Magnums
8. Freedie Gibbs - Cold Day in Hell
7. 2 Chainz - T.R.U. Realigion
6. Don Trip/Starlito - Step Brothers
5. A$AP Rocky - Love. Live. A$AP.
4. Machine Gun Kelly - Lace Up
3. Kendrick Lamar - Section 80
2. Yo Gotti - Concaine Muzik 6

This artist stood out amongst a roster of stars on his own label AND in the game. This mixtape produced 2 of the years' biggest hits "Tupac Back" and "Ima Boss". Kudos to Meek and Philly. He's been grinding FOR A MINUTE!

1. Meek Mill - Dream Chasers

Thursday, December 29, 2011

*Artist Advice* - Concrete Boyz (Augusta, Ga)

They said some really GOOD things in this interview w/ @djsmallz and really talked about how artists "get on". Check out their new single "Mop Top Rock"

Follow em on twitter: @itsconcrete

Concrete Boyz Talk Yung Joc & Mop Top Rock from DJ Smallz on Vimeo.

*New Joint* - Kano (MRC Ent) - Buy You a Bottle (Indianapolis, IN)

New joint from Kano of MRC Ent aka the N*cca with the Toilet! This is a different sounding joint but club and catchy! Salute Mr #Iaintshit

"Buy u a bottle clean" Young Kano MRC.Ent by mrc.ent


Check this new visual out for my guy L.A. the Boomman. He is an up and coming artist out of ATL, Ga and his movement MMI is REALLY heating up the streets. I've been seeing him everywhere and you will see us doing some things in the near future! BIG THANGS POPPIN! #2012 #BOOMIN

Download here:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

*Video Pick* - Dro Man - Post Road ft Boosie Dre and T-Eazy (Indianapolis, IN)

This is off of Dro Man's Highly Anticipated Mixtape "Trappin 4 Dummies 3 D" being released Feb 5 Super Bowl weekend!

Follow him on twitter: @dromanmusic @t_eazyimmago @boosiedre

Monday, December 26, 2011

*VIDEO PICK* - Starlito and Don Trip - Life (Stepbrother Mixtape) - (Tennessee)

This joint is crazy I think it's one of the better songs off the Stepbrothers mixtape. These two Tennessee artists complement each other well. Go check em on twitter @lito_615 @mrdontrip

Check my Interview w/ them both

Come Again??? Woman may be hanged instead of stoned (Iran)

Sooo let me get this right. She only got 10 years for MURDER but she gets a STONING TO DEATH for Adultery? Whewwww! Them Iranians take they b*tches SERIOUSLY! lol

Tehran, Iran (CNN) -- A woman sentenced to die by stoning will be executed, Iranian officials said Monday, but the method of execution is still being debated, according to an Iranian media report.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani's case drew international attention after she was sentenced to die by stoning for adultery.
"This lady is accused of two crimes," Hojatoleslam Sharifi, the judiciary chief of Eastern Azarbaijan province, told reporters at a news conference on Monday, the semi-official Iran Student's News Agency reported. "One is adultery which is punishable by stoning to death, and the other is assisting in her husband's murder. She is currently serving 10 years for helping to kill her husband."

He said "we did not have the needed facility for stoning," so officials asked the then-head of the judiciary, Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi, for advice, Sharifi said. "He was too busy at the time and this issue was left for his successor to handle."
The current judiciary head, Ayatollah Amoli Larijani, "is of the opinion that since the objective is execution, and since stoning is not practical, the execution should be done by hanging," he said. "However, (Larijiani) has decided to wait for now and discuss the issue with other Islamic scholars until a clear and accurate decision is reached."
Officials have decided to await Larijani's decision. Since Ashtiani is currently serving time, "we agreed there is no hurry," Sharifi said.

"What I can tell you now is that we are waiting to see if someone who has been sentenced to be executed by stoning could be executed by hanging instead."
Ashtiani, a mother of two, will be executed as soon as a decision is reached, Sharifi said.
Ashtiani was convicted of adultery in 2006, and was later convicted of being an accessory to murder in her husband's death. Her family has denied that she played any role in the death.
Human rights groups and various governments have urged Iran not to execute Ashtiani. Last year, European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton demanded Iran stop the execution from proceeding, and British Foreign Minister William Hague called the proposed stoning a "barbaric punishment."
Brazil in 2010 offered Ashtiani asylum.

*NEW MIXTAPE* Fabolous - There Is No Competition: Death Comes In 3'S (DJ Drama) (New York, New York)

1 of my favorite artists Fabolous just dropped his joint with DJ Drama "There Is No Competition" Death Comes in 3s. I've always thought that Fabolous was one of the top rappers lyrically and he was just slept on. My nicca also SNAPS on twitter! Check him out! @myfabolouslife


NEW Sh*t from David Banner, I see my highlight artist ASAP Rocky on the joint. HIT PLAY.

David Banner Ft 2 Chainz & ASAP Rocky-Yao Ming by longlivethesaint

*Monday Mixtape Review* - Kinfolk Goonzdwn - Goblin's Nightmare Mixed by: DJ Keys (Indianapolis, IN)

I met this guy about a week ago, we chopped it up nice and he slid me his tape. I love getting music this way - I put it in my car and let it ride. I like to see how music FEELS more than just listening to the songs. And this dude is a stand up dude - on the grind and I see'em though. Follow him on twitter: @kinstroke

With that being said, I bring you Kinfolk Goonzdwn mixtape review "Goblin's Nightmare". My first thought when I put in the CD was it is professional sounding. The mixing and mastering on the music sounds good and made listening easy. I also noticed that Vybe Beats were used and that is a NO NO! I must say I would like to hear him on more original beats, the industry beats are nice transitions on mixtapes but I just thought it was over used here. The first banger is "Get Me Started". The beat is crazy and his flow on the beat fits sonic-ally. He has a unique voice which is what I look for FIRST in an artist. The 3rd joint "Hustle Hard" ft Lil B (HardHead Ent) and Dre Dre (Broz Up) is a nice twist on the song by Ace Hood. The beat is familiar but the flow by all 3 was commendable. The tape speeds up with the next hot joint "I Go". The beat is a futuristic joint with a snare and bass line lead. The flow is speedy and the hook is infectious. The horn in the hook is also memorable. The next joint "Lady Goon" ft Nykky B is also a catchy joint. He describes his version of the lady that he looking for on his side and dealing with a goon. Nykky B sounds really nice vocally on the hook and is mixed right. "See Me Clearer" is nice song and transition from the slow songs. The horns in the song hang heavy and it sounds like a tough joint. "Dats What Goonz Do" ft Lil Vinnie also stands out as a one of the top tracks on the tape. The beat is also heavy and the hit hats run this track. The flow matches the beat and his vocals almost remind you of a "Boss" attitude that you hear from Rick Ross. Lil Vinnie again gets his vocals sampled for a hook and it sounds CRAZY. He is really a slept on artist in my point of view. The next song that caught my attention was the track "All Da Way Up". I really hear this song as his single off the tape. The beat is up tempo and the hook and it's infectious chant of "All the Way Up" is catchy. The flow is not complicated and easily recalled which mix well in the ingredients of a single. "Talkn Business" has the most classic line of the tape so it a song that has to be listened to on the tape. "Touch you up like an evo" - CRAZY! lol The record "Cuttin" is the next song I really liked from Kinfolk. The beat is hard and bouncy n the message of the song is up every real club niccas alley! lol The hook is also very catchy and the repetitiveness of Cuttin is one of the songs that stays in your head. The joint "Jealous" also is a nice track. Dre Dre lays a nice feature on this beat. And the both of them spit real talk on haters in their city. My favorite joint on the whole tape is "Player Sh*t (#19) ft. Ray Ray from Haughville. The flow and feature from Ray Ray kills this and it was nice to see an Eastside and Westside artist come so hard on a hard song. "Ima be f*cking ya main, in ya bed watching the game" - Ray Ray MY LINE in this song! I hit rewind on this song in my car a couple of times.

Kinfolk's overall message in his music is the "on the come up" tale but he makes you understand that his perspective is real. Which I appreciate in the music. I would have like to heard more drops and talking from the artist explaining his songs. The concept of having his goons talk and not name themselves was hot and I would have like to see that been the theme, interlude wise. The DJ does a good job of not overdoing the extra effects but I would have like to hear more from the artist. I like the mixtape and it will definitely get bang in my car especially "Player Sh*t". Check him out on facebook: Kinfolk Goonzdn

I give this mixtape: 2.75 out of 5 bands

*NEW MIXTAPE* - Nelly - O.E.M.O. (1st mixtape) (St. Louis, MO)

I came across this on the net and I support Nelly, Brandon, and the whole camp over there at Derrty Ent. I fux wit Nelly and when I go out to STL its always love. With that being said - check out the tape, download and follow him on twitter @nelly_mo

1. O.E.MO
2. Click Clat Remix
3. Hello Goodbye
4. Wild Boy Remix
5. Pyro remix
6. Drank
7. Country Ass Nigga featuring T.I. and 2 Chainz
8. Pimp C ft. St. Lunatics
9. Lotus Remix
10. You Gone Learn Today
11. Motto Remix
12. Mo Money featuring Lil St.Louis and Trixie
13. Yeah I Iz featuring SAG Live
14. 5 O’Clock In The Morning Remix
15. I Wish featuring Bei Maejor
16. Ghetto featuring St. Lunatics


Saturday, December 24, 2011

*Hot Shhhh* Drumma Boy Feat. 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane & Young Buck - I'm On Worldstar (Official Video)

My dude Drumma Boy is coming to Indianapolis, IN so I'm putting the local folk on to his new single "I'm on Worldstar". Drumma Boy is one of the HOTTEST and TOP producers in hip hop, his accolades stretch to pretty much anyone you can name in the game. Check this joint out, it's goes HARD.

Follow him on twitter: @IAMDRUMMA

*EXCLUSIVE HEAT* Rainy Boy - Goosey (remix) ft T Eazy, Dro Man & Nykky B (Indianapolis, IN)

I got my hands on this exclusive remix from Rainy Boy. This will be on the upcoming mixtape "Happy Trap Home" which I will be reviewing next Mon. Check it out, he enlisted 3 of the hottest acts in the city to hop on the remix. A DEFINITE winner and a rising song from the market.

Follow him twitter: rainyboy317

Friday, December 23, 2011

*NEW JOINT* Marley Young - Outta Town (Kansas City, MO)

I ran across this joint from my man DJ Soul Mutt out in KC and this is a nice joint talking about the whole midwest in general. S/O to and for putting me up on so many artists out here. Check this joint, "Outta Town".

Follow him on twitter: @MarleyYoung


*RISING SINGLE* Hustlin, F*ckin, and Trickin - HFBT - (Indianapolis, IN)

This single is heating up in the Indianapolis, IN market. HFBT - means "Hustlin For Better Times" and the label is held up by Lil Billy and JE Heartbreak. This is the 1st single off of their freshman mixtape "Arrogant Ni**a Music" (on datpiff). Check them out.

Follow them on twitter: @lilbilly317

*DAMN* Local Rapper Young Vito Identified As Suspect In Slim Dunkin Murder

SMH - here is the info....over a piece of damn CANDY!? We GOT to do better!
By Allen Starbury ♦ Published 12/23/2011

More details in the slaying of Bricksquad rapper Slim Dunkin has surfaced.

Atlanta police have reportedly ID'd local rapper Young Vito as a suspect in the murder, reports local news station WSBTV.

"We want to let the public know that the individual that we believe is responsible in the death of Slim Dunkin, Mr. Mario Hamilton, is in fact Vinson Hardimon, known in rap circles and the recording industry as Young Vito," said Detective David Quinn.

Quinn said should seek out police for questioning.

Slim Dunkin (real name: Mario Hamilton) was shot and killed at an Atlanta recording studio last week, following an argument with an unknown suspect, now identified as rapper Young Vito.

Slim was at the studio, recording new music that evening. However, several others were also present at the video for the filming of a music video.

A recent report said that an argument between the friend of hip-hop star Waka Flocka Flame and Vito over candy. It escalated from an argument to a physical altercation, and ultimately ended with Slim Dunkin being shot and later passing away.

Slim Dunkin was laid to rest on Friday (December 23) in a funeral paid for by friends/rappers Gucci Mane and Waka.

He was just 24 years sold.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

*EXCLUSIVE JOINT* - "Crack Music" Jaecyn Bayne ft Fred the Godson & Bronze Nazareth (Indianapolis, IN)

This is a new joint that my guy Jaecyn Bayne sent me over this morning. He is 1 of my Top 5 "Indiana Artists to Watch" lists and he is releasing his debut from his upcoming opus "Audio Therapy" ft XXL 2011 Freshman Fred The Godson and Bronze Nazareth. Peep him out!

Follow him on twitter: @JaecynBayne @FredDaGodson

For those unfamiliar, Jaecyn Bayne has been amongst the elite in the midwest for quite a while now. He's toured with several artists, including Canibus, M-Eighty, and will being on the upcoming "Black Belt Theater" tour along side veterans Planet Asia and Keith Murray.

Bayne also has several notable appearances under his belt. The 2011 Kurupt Presents "The Academy" release included 2 verses from Jaecyn. In addition, the legendary Headhunters (formerly of Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters) released their album, "Platinum" in July of 2011. Bayne appeared here on 3 tracks, one of which, "D-Funk" featured Snoop Dogg, George Clinton, and Killah Priest.

"Audio Therapy: The Album" will definitely be an impressive debut. Features include Fred the Godson, Styles P, Bronze Nazareth, Canibus, Keith Murray, and more; with production by Streetrunner, Bronze Nazareth, Seany D, J. French and more!

Included in this email are both the song to download and a Hulkshare link to download. Some people are specific about how they choose to get their music, so I'm providing both avenues. Also, there are two different visuals to choose from for those of you that will be posting on blogs/vlogs/sites etc.

I thank you all for your continued support and look forward to comments, feedback, etc.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

*Video Pick* - Jiggalate - Dro Man ft T-Eazy & Swoe (Indianapolis, IN)

I'm only posting 1 thing today and that is my lil bro Dro Man and his SMASH hit "Jiggalate" being on - What's the big deal right? Naptown has only had 1 OTHER video posted there. THIS IS BIG FOR MY MARKET! CHECK IT OUT!

Follow him on Twitter: @dromanmusic @t_eazyimmago

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

*NEW VIDEO* 2 Chainz - Money Makin' Mission (ATL, Georgia)

You know I gotz to f*ck with 2 Chainz, he seems to be the hottest thing moving right now. Funny how changing your name (eh hem brand) makes all the difference! Go check his new video "Money Makin' Mission" - Video footage of him and LongLiveTheSaint coming SOON!!!

follow him on twitter: @2chainz

*NEW MIXTAPE* - Hit - Hitsville USA Vol. 2 (Gary, IN)

I REALLY like what he has going on right now and I've been posting a lot of his material. This dude has been reppin the "G" for SO LONG and he deserves his JUST DUE. Check his new mixtape out, it has a lot of features from Gary (Ovadose, JFK, Freddie Gibbs, D-Edge) and more! Hosted by DJ Roc

Follow him on twitter: @yaboyhit


Found out about this guy through his publicist and my good friend Nancy Byron (1 of the game's best I might add) This guy is rumored to be an XXL Freshman of the Year short list for 2012. Interview coming soon!!!

Follow him on Twitter: @MarcusManchild


Ray Nitti - Pose (Milwaukee, WI)

New single from Ray Nitti, you may know him of "Bow" fame - I met this dude in ATL during the run for that song and I still think he NEVER got the just due he deserved out of that track. Well this joint is FIRE too and I can definitely see him winning with the females on this one! DJs don't be slow! Check him out!!

Follow him on twitter: @RayNitti

Dj Smallz Video Shoot feat. Drumma Boy, Alley Boy & Eastside Jody (Miami,FL/ATL)

Here is my dude DJ Smallz from Miami, FL. The owner and creator of the "Southern Smoke" brand is on location at his video shoot for a new tracking on his album w/ Drumma Boy, Alley Boy & Eastside Jody. Check this joint out! Classic sh*t! Did a mixtape w/ him a couple of years ago with 1 Hundred Ent!

Download here:

Monday, December 19, 2011

*NEW VIDEO* - Ray Cash - R.N.S. (Don King Trailer) (Cleveland, OH)

Check out the trailer for Don King the new Mixtape dropping from Ray Cash 12/24 on Video Interview coming soon with him about the mixtape, holding down Cleveland and MORE! Stay Tuned!

Follow @LiveMixtapes, @DjKnyce & @RayCash_216!

Ray Cash Ft Astronaut K.I. R.N.S (Directed By Stephen M. Prewitt) from stephen prewitt on Vimeo.

[OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] "No Cuffin" Yung Tone ft. Self Paid (Atlanta, Ga)


*HOT SINGLE* - Meek Mill ft Young Chris - House Party (Philly, PA)

I'm really feeling this joint by Meek Mill, he had success in 2011 with his singles "Tupac Back" and "Ima' Boss" but I think this will take him into 2012 and to a newer level of stardom. I love how he looked out for his market and put Young Chris on the track! Check my mans from MMG - Philly, PA.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

*HOT MIXTAPE* T-Eazy & Yung Tone (Da Money Man) - #Erased Hosted by DJ Fatz and B Swift (Indianapolis, IN)

Do yourself a favor and go LISTEN NOW! #ERASED T-Eazy ImmaGo Yung Tone hosted by DeejayFatz HeadFirst and Bobby Swift! Two of Indianapolis BEST!

Follow them on Twitter: @T_eazyimmago and @YungTone317

Soul Grits #4 - The point of Tim Tebow's success

Hello all, it's my Sunday Soul Grits edition and I just want to cover a topic that has been of national prominence for the last 6 or 7 weeks. Tim Tebow. You either love him or you hate him. You either want him to succeed or you don't. Tim Tebow is ALL of US though! There have been times and instances in EACH of our own lives that someone has told us that we cannot do something and that we are not good enough, tall enough, strong enough, etc. The reason I picked this situation though is that Tim Tebow has NOT LET ANY of that affect him. They said he couldn't play in the NFL, they said he couldn't get picked in the 1st round. They said he'd never start. They said he'd never win games. And all he's done is enlist GOD in his corner hold true to his beliefs and WORK. I encourage all of you to do the same.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

*REAL TALK* - Young Jeezy - "Fan Threw 50k in my van"

This is why I love Young Jeezy, he understands that niccas is living and dieing by the words he speaks on the mic and he feels a responsibility to it. In his words it's almost like he's "preachin" - sad but true. Note to rappers WATCH WHAT YOU SAY - not only kids but just niccas going through something in general HANG on your words. You have the ability to influence. Accept it. Go cop that Thug Motivation 103 too, I'm hearing it's CRACK from the streets.

Follow him on twitter: @YoungJeezy

*NEW JOINT* - Ray Cash - B.U.B. (B*tches Under Bands) - (Cleveland, OH)

This is my guy Ray Cash from Cleveland, OH. He's working on new material and new mixtape "Don King" on the way. You have heard him from "Bumpin' My Music" days but he's on some new material and focus now. It sounds GOOD. Champagne Music Group is his new label and he has distribution etc making nice moves. Stay on the look out for these next moves and pay attention! Video Interview COMING SOON on the site!

follow him on twitter: @raycash_216

RNS = Real Ni**a Sh*t

*NEW MIXTAPE* - Machine Gun Kelly - "Pre Laced Up" - Big Heff and Dommy Styles (Cleveland, OH)

Here is a mixtape the homie put out on prodigy Machine Gun Kelly. If you don't know him by now - you're under a rock, but he's Diddy's newest signee and his "Laced Up" movement is making a LOT of noise. Check the tape out, Heff is from Cleveland and helped Kelly so I'm sure there are some exclusive joints to listen to on the tape.

follow him on twitter: @machinegunkelly

Friday, December 16, 2011

*TRAGIC* Gucci Mane Video Shoot Shot Up - Slim Dunkin Dead (Atlanta, GA)

I am getting word that Slim Dunkin (1017 Brick Squad) has been killed by gunfire on the Southside of Atlanta at the Gucci Mane video shoot that took place today. Details are limited but my sources are GOOD and they are saying he is DEFINITELY DEAD, if so this is a TRAGIC situation. Dude was definitely on his way up and I've had the pleasure of meeting him. He seemed like a real dude to me. Stay tuned as more details become available.

*OH MY OH MY* - Hurd was allegedly selling drugs to a "double digit" number of NFL players

Oh my lawd! Please don't tell me the NFL niccas had the sack in. PLEASE for the life of me don't tell me that a BUNCH of NFL niccas had the sack in. SMH. When keeping it real goes REALLY wrong!!

(via Early reports indicate that Hurd provided, or had in his possession, a list of clients. The list supposedly includes a sizable group of NFL players. Those players will likely be investigated by law enforcement and, upon threat of prosecution, encouraged to cooperate -- that is, implicate Hurd and others connected to the drug ring. Whether or not they cooperate, the players could be subpoenaed to testify against Hurd.

Alternatively, prosecutors could offer Hurd a plea deal. If he accepted a deal, Hurd would agree to plead guilty to a lesser crime or the crime he's facing, with prosecutors agreeing to recommend a relatively light sentence. In exchange, Hurd would be expected to tell law enforcement everything he knows and implicate everyone connected to his drug dealing, including any international contacts. In either scenario, the named players could be at risk of prosecution, subpoena or public naming.

Keep in mind, a player whose name appears on the Hurd's client list has not necessarily committed a crime. While membership on the list suggests that the player intended to buy drugs, it does not prove that point beyond a reasonable doubt. After all, a named player could argue that he was mistakenly included in the list and that it is merely Hurd's word over the player's. The list of names could also be portrayed as potential buyers rather than actual buyers. Corroborating evidence, such as written or electronic records that a player purchased cocaine from Hurd or other alleged sellers, would go a long way in establishing the players are indeed buyers of drugs.

Even if the named players are not charged with crimes or subpoenaed as witnesses, they will still worry about their names surfacing through leaks. If the NFL learns of their names, the players could face scrutiny under the league's substance abuse policy or discipline under the league's personal conduct policy. Commissioner Roger Goodell has sole discretion under the conduct policy to issue sanctions, of his choosing, for conduct he finds damaging to the league's image.

Read more:

*WHAT I'M LISTENING TO* - Red Cafe ft Ryan Leslie & Rick Ross - Fly Together (New York, New York)

This is from 1 of Diddy's newest signees Red Cafe. He's been grinding for a MIN TOO! And I love to see cats that I've met and kicked it with go hard in the game. I'm really just blogging my relationships and show them the love they showed me. I've been with this dude in ATL, LA, New Orleans and more! Check it out - This joint is FLY!!

follow him on twitter: @redcafesd

Interview w/ Me and Red Cafe in New Orleans

OMG *8th grader 7 ft and LEGIT* - THIS KID IS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Ok, 1st of the fact that there was a video this advanced for middle school hoops and the way it looks to be presented in a little sketchy. But I could not NOT look at this kid, he's from Australia but was discovered at John Lucas camp, his name is Thon Maker. I mean when I clicked on the video I couldn't believe that I was watching a f*cking 8TH GRADER. This kid looks like Kevin Garnett RIGHT NOW! I can only imagine when his strength improves what he's gonna look like. Well I want to start the hype now too because this kid is on my radar. Check him out!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

*Hot Artist Alert* - Young A.C. - G.U.N.S. movement - Motto Remix (Florida)

Met this dude in ATL a loooong time ago, via the Hittmenn DJs. I mean it had to be at least like 3 years ago. Well he's STILL on his grind and his United D Boyz of America and G.U.N.S. movement is one of the biggest in FLA. They got NEXT!

Check him out and follow him on twitter: @YoungAC954

*Mixtape Alert* - Roccett - By Any Means Necessary hosted by DJ Scream, DJ Whoo Kid & DJ ill Will (Los Angeles, CA)

This is my "mans an nem" from out in California! This dude is REAL and I really fux with him. He used to be signed to CTE and Maybach Music (I think) but he's about standing on his own and making sure the WEST is ACTIVE. His music is real and this mixtape is a definite step up from the music I've heard in the past. S/O to him and his whole fam they TOOK CARE of ME out in LA! Get familiar! #SALUTE

follow him on twitter: @iamroccett

I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys-SOMEONE'S GOTTA PAY FOR ME & MY KIDS!!!

Maaaaaaaaaan WHAT THEEEEEEEEEEEEE F*CK???? This is disgraceful! She needs to be SPAAAYED! SERIOUSLY! And says someone needs to pay? This is the type of sh*t that makes my people look BAD. They payed her rent, etc and all she can say is "somebody owes me"? UNBELIEVEABLE!!! I'm beyond words for this! SMH

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

*NEW VIDEO* - Don Trip - Lawyer (Memphis, TN)

Just got this hot off the wire. New Don Trip joint - "Lawyer" - THE SONG IS FIRE! CHECK MY INTERVIEW WITH HIM BELOW ALSO in New Orleans, LA. @mrdontrip @stopbeefinradio

*Producer Spotlight* - Keazy Beats (Certified Hits) - Indianapolis, IN

Probably the most underrated producer in the market right now. This kid is LIGHTS OUT when it comes to tracks. He has produced for a lot of different acts in the city such as Tone Goody, T-Eazy and more! His song credits include "Everyday" ft Yung Tone, T-Eazy, Swoe and "Dirty Money" ft. Dro Man, Tone Goody - Dro Man's "Post Road" and more! He has INDUSTRY quality sound and I can see his growth from the time I first heard of him. I would like to hear a more versatile sound but what he is creating will make him a FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK right now! Hit this man up for sound you WILL NOT be disappointed! You heard it here!!

Facebook: Keazy Beats

Produced by: Keazy Beats (Certified Hits)

*VIDEO PICK* "I Kno I Can" Official Video Rainy Boy ft. Tone Goody (Indianapolis, IN)

New joint by Rainy Boy and Tone Goody, 2 up and comers from the Indianapolis, IN market. Joint produced by a producer I highlighted "Swiff Tha Gift". Prelude to Rainy Boy's mixtape "Happy Trap Home". Be on the lookout on datpiff for that! Follow them on twitter:


*WHAT'S GOING DOWN* Mystikal signs to Ca$h Money!

I just had the opportunity to kick it with Mystikal a little while ago when he first got out and I'm happy for him. He is very unique and has energy that the game is missing. Stay tuned because you know he's about to be EVERYWHERE!! First single with Wayne and Baby released in New York on Hot 97 last night!

The Cash Money family just keeps on growing! Just nearly a month after signing Busta Rhymes, Birdman and Slim signed Mystikal to their roster.

Birdman was ecstatic about the deal, saying "It is an honor to get the opportunity to work with Mystikal, as we have a long history together. He is a great artist and his talent, combined with our hard work and strong team, is going to result in some of the best music of his career. We are expecting great work from Mystikal. Slim and I already have him in the studio working on his first album for Cash Money."

Mystikal will drop his first single, "Original" featuring Lil Wayne and Baby, tonight on New York's Hot 97. He also spoke out about joining forces with Cash Money since being out of the game for quite some time now.

"It has been a truly long time since I have felt like a rapper and with this signing, and partnership, Birdman and Slim have given me my life as a rapper back. I am ready to go. I am going to put my red Superman drawers, cape and boots on and go! This is a huge moment for me and I am truly excited to be with Cash Money Records."

What do you think of Mystikal signing with Cash Money?


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stopbeefinradio @ Core DJ Retreat VX - New Orleans, LA - B.O.B., Red Cafe, Don Trip and more!

I had the pleasure of speaking with STARS in the game in New Orleans, LA. Check out the footage, talking new mixtape and album with B.O.B. aka Bobby Ray, Diddy's newest signee Red Cafe, and Interscope NEWEST sensation Don Trip. Follow them all on twitter!


Monday, December 12, 2011

*EXCLUSIVE RECORD* - Ke$ha’s track ‘Sleazy’ featuring Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, T.I and Andre 3000

My good folks over at RCA sent me this BANGER AND NEW RECORD! This is a record that a lot of people have been talking about for the fact that so many legendary figures got on a Ke$ha record and not in the name of hip hop. Check it out though! GREAT LINEUP on this joint!

Monday Mixtape Review: Lil Skypp & Lil Billy - Great Another Rapper... (Indianapolis, IN)

Lil Skypp (Sophisticated Street Music) and Lil Billy (HFBT) are 2 solo artists from Indianapolis that have come together in "Watch the Throne" fashion to bring a mixtape showing 2 dope artists can collab and make moves together and it help them both. I like their styles together and I think that they compliment each other in a real way and the music is sincere. Check them both on twitter @lilbilly317 and @lil_skypp317. Without further ado.....

Overall Review: The 1st thing I noticed is the interludes and that most of the production is done by Beat Squad. I appreciate knowing the story behind each song and I like the fact the Beat Squad produced most of the tape as I think this develops a sound and continuity to the music. To often I hear artists with 20 different producers and the music is all over the place. The mixtape is cohesive sonically. The intro to the tape may be one of the best songs. The beat is a laid back rider and both Skypp and Billy ride the beat nicely. Track 2 "OMG" is a nice track and the hook is very crispy and catchy. Lil Skypp DESTROYS this beat and I think this a standout track on the tape. JE Heartbreak also delivers on his feature, the chemistry between the 3 is evident. The tape then goes into "Money Baby" which features LeAmber and Lil Billy's daughter Willow. I like the fact that he put her on the track it switches up the hook and shows versatility. The next hottest track comes with "Pain Away", the ode to blunts, pills, and other substances delivers VERY NICELY. Lil Billy nailed his verse and rode the beat well. Skypp delivers on the hook and it comes together and should be a anthem for those feeling the pain and wanting to escape. "Make Up Yo Mind prod by Mondo Geezy" has a GREAT beat and the message behind the song is very powerful. I like Skypp's approach to the subject matter in his music. This song is also pretty catchy. "I Use to make excuses but excuses is for losers" - Lil Billy This is what the song preaches in a nutshell. The next song that really caught my ear was "Resistance" prod by Lex Luger. This song is the HARDEST SONG on the tape and the feel is UNDENIABLE. They took this one outside the box and I must say IT WORKED. The hook, the flow, the beat and all elements of the song tie together to get the message across and make you move. I really think this song has potential to go far. The tape moves on to "All The Same prod by Jacob". This is very strong production and the hook is what makes this song. I thought they really put this together very tight. The music intertwines itself with the message and gave me almost an old school Tupac (Same Hoes) type of feel. They talk about the stuck up women and how it's "ALL the Same". "Love the Town" is a GREAT track with good subject matter. It talks about how people switch when you make it but Skypp is actually rapping to his audience telling THEM not to switch. The hook goes HARD and this track also stands out nicely.

Low Lights: I expected more out of the track "No Time" with Lil Vinnie, I don't think the beat fit the song subject. I also thought "Right" could have been left off the tape as well. "American Dream" was a good attempt and it started the project but I don't think this song gave the fans what we needed.

OVERALL, I thought this mixtape was FIRE, and that both of the artists contributed equally lyrically and subject matter wise. I thought it was a GREAT effort from 2 of the markets' better artists and the work ethic shown (they finished the tape in 2 weeks). I appreciate what they have put together and hope to hear more in the future from both. I would like to see a little bit better production as well.

Overall Mixtape: 3 out of 5 bands

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bet you didn't know this: Six Walmart Heirs Worth as much as Bottom 30% of American Workers

EEEEEK! No wonder they want to squash the "Occupy" movement. THIS IS PLAIN CRAZY!!!!

Some people just don’t get it. They still think that the hundreds of thousands of Americans who’ve taken to the streets to swell the ranks of the Occupy Wall Street movement are nothing but lazy bums looking for a handout. Tell them that the top one percent of U.S. earners saw their incomes soar 275% over the last three decades while the income of the bottom 20% pretty much remained flat over that same period, and they’ll shrug it off. Gently inform them that the richest 400 individuals in America– billionaires, every last one of them– control as much wealth as the bottom half of the country combined, and they’ll respond with a yawn.

But this one they cannot ignore: according to ThinkProgress, the six children of Walmart founders Sam and James Walton had the same net worth as the entire bottom 30% of American workers– in 2007. That’s before the worldwide economic meltdown; that figure is certainly much more grotesque in 2011. Think about this for a moment… with a total labor force of approximately 150 million people, that means the six Walmart heirs are worth as much as 45 million American workers.

6 = 45,000,000.

Worse yet, the Walmart heirs have spent millions lobbying Washington lawmakers for lower taxes on gazillionaires and an end to the estate tax, which they refer to as the “death tax.” Sadly, politicians on both sides of the aisle have been bought off, and under the supposedly “progressive” Obama administration, Bush-era tax cuts for the super-rich have continued.

Meanwhile, nearly half of all Americans struggle to make ends meet. The U.S. median income has fallen to 1990s levels, with the working class worse off today that in 1980. One in six Americans– 47.8 million people– are poor. One in seven Americans uses food stamps. More than one in five children is living in poverty. For black children, that figure is nearly double.

And some people still wonder what Occupy Wall Street is all about?

Fortunately, the growing chasm between rich and poor is finally front and center in the national conversation. The majority of Americans now believe that income inequality is a problem and that our nation’s tax system is unfair. And a recent study by researchers at Harvard and Duke University found that most Americans want a more equitable distribution of wealth similar to that found in Scandinavian countries.

But still there are those who just don’t get it. These are the people, bless them, who drank champagne and laughed and mocked as they watched the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York. These are the Chicago Board of Trade brokers who dropped McDonald’s job applications down on Occupy demonstrators. And these are the millions of ordinary working folks who don’t yet realize that they, too, are victims of the one percent’s rapacious plunder and insatiable greed. The good news is, every day more and more Americans are awakening from their slumber to realize something is terribly wrong in this great country and that it’s up to them to do something about it. As Alexis de Tocqueville said nearly 200 years ago: “The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.”

The Waltons and their gilded ilk would be wise to take notice.

Soul Grits #3 - World War 3 is against us

Why is this NOWHERE to be found in the MAJOR MEDIA? Because they don't want you to know about it, I highlighted this awhile ago, but thought I would revisit since they let this god awful law go through the Senate 93-7. RIDICULOUS. World War 3 is against THE PEOPLE, I wouldn't worry about any other country. This basically makes our Bill of Rights NULL AND VOID. Read on.


The fate of the Bill of Rights now lies with President Obama and his threat to veto what can only be described as one of the most terrifying pieces of legislation ever to be passed by the United States Senate.

That august body has just voted nearly unanimously to allow the indefinite military detention of American citizens without charge or trial, shredding the Sixth Amendment and its right to trial and placing every single one of us on notice that we better watch what we say and do and who we support because we could now be considered terrorists and locked up indefinitely in some military hellhole like the concentration camp down in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

I am not exaggerating. Here’s arch-conservative Tea Party darling Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) take on what just happened: “It puts every single American citizen at risk.” And on the other side of the political spectrum, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) said it “denigrates the very foundations of this country.”

“This bill is an historic threat to American citizens,” said ACLU senior legislative counsel Christopher Anders.

How could this happen? Buried deep inside the hundreds of pages of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act are a couple of shocking provisions, authored in secret by Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) that:

Explicitly authorize the federal government to indefinitely imprison without charge or trial civilians apprehended both inside and outside the United States.
Mandate military detention of some civilians who would otherwise be outside of military control, including suspects apprehended within the United States itself.
Transfer to the Department of Defense core prosecutorial, investigative, law enforcement, penal, and custodial authority and responsibility now held by the Department of Justice.
The only “silver lining,” if one can call it such, is that the military isn’t forced to detain American citizens without trial, it’s merely allowed to.

The Senate has officially declared the entire United States to be a battleground. And you and I are potential enemies. According to the new law, anyone– including U.S. citizens– who the government says is “a member of, or part of, al-Qaeda or an associated force” must (for foreigners) or can (U.S. citizens) be imprisoned by the military “without trial until the end of… hostilities.” Hostilities which, as Wired’s Spencer Ackerman so eloquently observed, “are currently scheduled to end the Wednesday after never.”

Now, this begs the question: exactly who is considered to be a member of al-Qaeda or “an associated force?” What if you support an organization dedicated to the Palestinian liberation struggle against Israeli occupation and ethnic cleansing? Such groups can and are often labeled as terrorist organizations by our government which, after all, is beholden to pro-Zionist interests.

Thanks to the Senate, the government can now imprison any American it says is a terrorist for as long as it wants, without having to prove anything in court. Said Sen. Franken:

“What we are talking about here is that Americans could be subjected to life imprisonment. Think about that for a minute. Life imprisonment. Without ever being charged, tried, or convicted of a crime. Without ever having an opportunity to prove your innocence to a judge or a jury of your peers. And without the government ever having to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I think that denigrates the very foundations of this country.”

Tellingly, this bill was almost universally opposed at the highest levels of the military and intelligence community. From Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to CIA Director David Petraeus to FBI Director Robert Mueller and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, a veritable who’s-who of our nation’s top terror warriors has rejected this very un-American bill.

Even Fox News Channel’s legal analyst, former Judge Andrew Napolitano, denounced the measure (see video below).

The Senate vote, by the way, was 93 for, 7 against. Those seven champions of liberty (for the moment) were:

Sen. Thomas Coburn (R-OK)
Sen. Thomas Harkin (D-IA)
Sen. Mike Lee (R-OK)
Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR)
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)
Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT)
Sen. Ronald Wyden (D-OR)

Heroes, all of them (for the moment)– and their heroism was tellingly bi-partisan. But wait a minute– Sen Al Franken, who spoke so passionately against this heinous bill, voted for it. So did such erstwhile progressive luminaries such as Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Sen. Robert Menéndez (D-NJ), and Mark Udall (D-CO), who bravely fought a failed last-ditch effort to have the most odious provisions of the bill stricken. So did Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who unsuccessfully sought an exception to the provisions regarding the detention of American citizens. Perhaps that “silver lining” I mentioned earlier– that the bill no longer requires but only allows the indefinite military detention of American citizens– swayed them towards their reprehensible “yes” votes. Or maybe the senators just didn’t want to vote against the $662 billion defense bill, for everyone knows that voting against “national security” is touching the third rail of American politics.

One thing is certain: if President Obama does not carry through with his threat to veto this abhorrent measure, the United States will have turned its back on one of the most basic and cherished rights guaranteed in our Constitution. And we will have taken a giant step in the direction of totalitarianism. You’ve been warned.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

MTV 2011 Breakthrough artist - Freddie Gibbs - VOTE NOW!

My #1 artist in Indiana to watch, Freddie Gibbs is up for MTV's Breakthrough award for 2011 - Check him out and VOTE NOW!

Get More: Music News

Vote Here:

*HOT JOINT ALERT* - French Montana ft Rick Ross and Diddy - Shot Caller (Remix) - (New York, New York)

French has been on the grind for awhile now and now that he is with Bad Boy - some of his records will finally get some shine. I fux with the "Coke Boy" and his Cocaine Wave. This joint is going to be getting MAJOR PLAY on your radio station and video channels! DJs get on the movement NOW!

Follow him on Twitter: @FrencHMonTanA

Also Check "Choppa Down"

*What I'm Banging Right Now* - A$AP Rocky - "Purple Swag" (Harlem, NY)

Just giving you what I'm banging right now, the recent signee of Polo Grounds/J Records - from NY, is buzzing in the industry and the underground right now and getting a lot of pub for 2012. He also co directs his videos. Check it out.

Twitter: @LIVELOVEASAP or @_ASAProcky

Everything is purple, everything is purple.............swag swag swag!

*HEATING UP* - Iggy Azalea - My World (Los Angeles, California)

Ok, so I here's another artist from California (actually she's from Australia and migrated there)that I stumbled upon and she's pretty dope. I know I know, she's a white girl but that don't matter, I actually liked the flow. The fact that she got cakes doesn't upset me either. Look her up.

Twitter: @iggyazalea

*Out of Town* w/ Tez La Banga (Saint Louis, MO)

Artist I met out of town in California - he's from Saint Louis, MO and his music is FIRE! He also produces and what I heard was CRAZY. I think his production game will get him in the door but his music is nice. Check him out! S/O County Brown Mane and Hittmenn DJs for putting me up on him. I'm outta TOWN!!!


Friday, December 9, 2011

*NEW HEAT* - Da Kennel ft Machine Gun Kelly - Evil Knievel (Akron, OH)

Two of Ohio's heavy hitters come together for this BANGER! MGK is Bad Boy's newest artist on the rise and Da Kennel is the Pride of Akron, OH and on the way up as well! Look out for these two!!

GREAT NEWS: No Death Penalty For Mumia Abu-Jamal

(AP) PHILADELPHIA — Prosecutors have called off their 30-year battle to put former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal to death in the killing of a white police officer, putting to an end the racially charged case that became a major battleground in the fight over the death penalty.

Flanked by the police Officer Daniel Faulkner’s widow, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced his decision Wednesday.

“There’s never been any doubt in my mind that Mumia Abu-Jamal shot and killed Officer Faulkner. I believe that the appropriate sentence was handed down by a jury of his peers in 1982,” said Williams, who is black. “While Abu-Jamal will no longer be facing the death penalty, he will remain behind bars for the rest of his life, and that is where he belongs.”

Abu-Jamal was convicted of fatally shooting Faulkner on Dec. 9, 1981. He was sentenced to death after his trial the following year.

Abu-Jamal, who has been incarcerated in a western Pennsylvania prison, has garnered worldwide support from those who believe he was the victim of a biased justice system.

The conviction was upheld through years of legal appeals. But a federal appeals court ordered a new sentencing hearing after ruling the instructions given to the jury were potentially misleading.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to weigh in on the case in October. That forced prosecutors to decide if they wanted to again pursue the death penalty through a new sentencing hearing or accept a life sentence.

According to trial testimony, Abu-Jamal saw his brother scuffle with the 25-year-old patrolman during a 4 a.m. traffic stop in 1981 and ran toward the scene. Police found Abu-Jamal wounded by a round from Faulkner’s gun. Faulkner, shot several times, was killed. A .38-caliber revolver registered to Abu-Jamal was found at the scene with five spent shell casings.

The officer’s widow, Maureen Faulkner, has tried to remain visible over the years to ensure that her husband is not forgotten. They were newlyweds when he died.

“My family and I have endured a three-decade ordeal at the hands of Mumia Abu-Jamal, his attorneys and his supporters, who in many cases never even took the time to educate themselves about the case before lending their names, giving their support and advocating for his freedom,” Maureen Faulkner said Wednesday. “All of this has taken an unimaginable physical, emotional and financial toll on each of us.”

Abu-Jamal, born Wesley Cook, turned 58 earlier this year.

His writings and radio broadcasts from death row made him a cause celebre and the subject of numerous books and movies. His own 1995 book, “Live From Death Row,” describes prison life and calls the justice system racist and ruled by political expediency.

Abu-Jamal, a one-time journalist, garnered worldwide support from the “Free Mumia” movement. Hundreds of vocal supporters and death-penalty opponents regularly turn out for court hearings in his case, even though Abu-Jamal is rarely entitled to attend.

His message resonated particularly on college campuses and in the movie and music industries – actors Mike Farrell and Tim Robbins were among dozens of luminaries who used a New York Times ad to advocate for a new trial, and the Beastie Boys played a concert to raise money for Abu-Jamal’s defense fund.

Over the years, Abu-Jamal has challenged the predominantly white makeup of the jury, instructions given to jurors and the statements of eyewitnesses. He has also alleged ineffective counsel, racism by the trial judge and that another man confessed to the crime.

Maureen Faulkner railed against what she called the justice system’s “dirty little secret” – the difficulty of putting condemned killers to death. Pennsylvania has put to death three people since the U.S. Supreme Court restored the death penalty in 1976, and all three had willingly given up on their appeals.

Faulkner lashed out at the judges who overturned Abu-Jamal’s death sentence, calling them “dishonest cowards” who, she said, oppose the death penalty.

“The fix is in before the hearing even begins,” she said.

Faulkner also vowed to fight anyone who tries to extract special treatment for Abu-Jamal, advocating instead that he be moved to the general population after being taken off death row.