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Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Mixtape Review: M.G.G. presents Lil E - Thug Vision (Indianapolis, IN)

Lil E is an artist from the street-acclaimed record label M.G.G. Ent. The home of Lil Nut, Da Hoodlumz and more, they are known for their street grind and sound.

This mixtape speaks for and to the streets directly, and this is what my first perception was when I heard the tape. I expected a certain content but was pleasantly surprised by songs like "I kno" and "My Baby" ft Vonna. These were welcome additions/changes in content for the mixtape. Production on the songs were done by a variety of composers including Nutty Buddy, Playbwoi the Great, and more. The first song that really caught my attention was "Til I get a million" ft Yella. Yella is an up and coming artist and his abilities really shine through on this track. The hook is catchy. "It's Wat Ever" ft Yella has another GRIMY hook and Yella again delivers on his feature. Lil E really speaks from the perspective of what every hood cat in America has lived. His rhymes are authentic, you can hear it in the delivery. "Missin U" is a homie anthem and Lil E delivers a strong performance on this song as well. You feel the pain in the track and feel his point of relaying the amount of violence in the hood. AL takes the track to another level with his crooning on the hook. My favorite song on the CD comes up next, coincidentally it has a visual on youtube. "Sh*ts Real" brings it straight talk, raw and uncut about what's going on in the hood. A lyric quotes "it's good we got Barack has a black president but ain't sh*t changed in my residence." This puts our nation and the state of our neighborhoods in perspective and you feel this song in that manner. Fellow M.G.G. signee C-Way contributes on this track and lays it down perfectly according the song and it's feel and subject. The next song that gets your attention is "I Been Doin Des" ft Lil Mack, the hook and beat are very soulful and melodic. This is a song that you will want to play over and over. "Certified" ft MGG Ceo Lil Nut and Lil Poodie is also a stand out track. The beat and subject are typical but the chant and beat keep you loving the track. "Bands" ft T-Eazy and Dro also drums HARD and the beat is one of the best productions on the tape. The mixtape ends with "Dem Niggaz aint yo Niggaz" which has some of the realest content. And talks about trust issues between family members, friends, etc.
Overall: I like the tape, it has Cash Money feel from a production stand point but the beats could have been better. The fact that a lot of the songs are his and not a lot of features show his ability to carry a project by himself which is impressive. I would like to see even more content and subject matter but I understand audience and the realness in which they live.

Mixtape Rating: 2.5 out of 5 bands

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  1. Fuck dat nigga he and his life ain't shit trying to earn stripes