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Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Mixtape Review: Lil Skypp & Lil Billy - Great Another Rapper... (Indianapolis, IN)

Lil Skypp (Sophisticated Street Music) and Lil Billy (HFBT) are 2 solo artists from Indianapolis that have come together in "Watch the Throne" fashion to bring a mixtape showing 2 dope artists can collab and make moves together and it help them both. I like their styles together and I think that they compliment each other in a real way and the music is sincere. Check them both on twitter @lilbilly317 and @lil_skypp317. Without further ado.....

Overall Review: The 1st thing I noticed is the interludes and that most of the production is done by Beat Squad. I appreciate knowing the story behind each song and I like the fact the Beat Squad produced most of the tape as I think this develops a sound and continuity to the music. To often I hear artists with 20 different producers and the music is all over the place. The mixtape is cohesive sonically. The intro to the tape may be one of the best songs. The beat is a laid back rider and both Skypp and Billy ride the beat nicely. Track 2 "OMG" is a nice track and the hook is very crispy and catchy. Lil Skypp DESTROYS this beat and I think this a standout track on the tape. JE Heartbreak also delivers on his feature, the chemistry between the 3 is evident. The tape then goes into "Money Baby" which features LeAmber and Lil Billy's daughter Willow. I like the fact that he put her on the track it switches up the hook and shows versatility. The next hottest track comes with "Pain Away", the ode to blunts, pills, and other substances delivers VERY NICELY. Lil Billy nailed his verse and rode the beat well. Skypp delivers on the hook and it comes together and should be a anthem for those feeling the pain and wanting to escape. "Make Up Yo Mind prod by Mondo Geezy" has a GREAT beat and the message behind the song is very powerful. I like Skypp's approach to the subject matter in his music. This song is also pretty catchy. "I Use to make excuses but excuses is for losers" - Lil Billy This is what the song preaches in a nutshell. The next song that really caught my ear was "Resistance" prod by Lex Luger. This song is the HARDEST SONG on the tape and the feel is UNDENIABLE. They took this one outside the box and I must say IT WORKED. The hook, the flow, the beat and all elements of the song tie together to get the message across and make you move. I really think this song has potential to go far. The tape moves on to "All The Same prod by Jacob". This is very strong production and the hook is what makes this song. I thought they really put this together very tight. The music intertwines itself with the message and gave me almost an old school Tupac (Same Hoes) type of feel. They talk about the stuck up women and how it's "ALL the Same". "Love the Town" is a GREAT track with good subject matter. It talks about how people switch when you make it but Skypp is actually rapping to his audience telling THEM not to switch. The hook goes HARD and this track also stands out nicely.

Low Lights: I expected more out of the track "No Time" with Lil Vinnie, I don't think the beat fit the song subject. I also thought "Right" could have been left off the tape as well. "American Dream" was a good attempt and it started the project but I don't think this song gave the fans what we needed.

OVERALL, I thought this mixtape was FIRE, and that both of the artists contributed equally lyrically and subject matter wise. I thought it was a GREAT effort from 2 of the markets' better artists and the work ethic shown (they finished the tape in 2 weeks). I appreciate what they have put together and hope to hear more in the future from both. I would like to see a little bit better production as well.

Overall Mixtape: 3 out of 5 bands