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Monday, December 26, 2011

*Monday Mixtape Review* - Kinfolk Goonzdwn - Goblin's Nightmare Mixed by: DJ Keys (Indianapolis, IN)

I met this guy about a week ago, we chopped it up nice and he slid me his tape. I love getting music this way - I put it in my car and let it ride. I like to see how music FEELS more than just listening to the songs. And this dude is a stand up dude - on the grind and I see'em though. Follow him on twitter: @kinstroke

With that being said, I bring you Kinfolk Goonzdwn mixtape review "Goblin's Nightmare". My first thought when I put in the CD was it is professional sounding. The mixing and mastering on the music sounds good and made listening easy. I also noticed that Vybe Beats were used and that is a NO NO! I must say I would like to hear him on more original beats, the industry beats are nice transitions on mixtapes but I just thought it was over used here. The first banger is "Get Me Started". The beat is crazy and his flow on the beat fits sonic-ally. He has a unique voice which is what I look for FIRST in an artist. The 3rd joint "Hustle Hard" ft Lil B (HardHead Ent) and Dre Dre (Broz Up) is a nice twist on the song by Ace Hood. The beat is familiar but the flow by all 3 was commendable. The tape speeds up with the next hot joint "I Go". The beat is a futuristic joint with a snare and bass line lead. The flow is speedy and the hook is infectious. The horn in the hook is also memorable. The next joint "Lady Goon" ft Nykky B is also a catchy joint. He describes his version of the lady that he looking for on his side and dealing with a goon. Nykky B sounds really nice vocally on the hook and is mixed right. "See Me Clearer" is nice song and transition from the slow songs. The horns in the song hang heavy and it sounds like a tough joint. "Dats What Goonz Do" ft Lil Vinnie also stands out as a one of the top tracks on the tape. The beat is also heavy and the hit hats run this track. The flow matches the beat and his vocals almost remind you of a "Boss" attitude that you hear from Rick Ross. Lil Vinnie again gets his vocals sampled for a hook and it sounds CRAZY. He is really a slept on artist in my point of view. The next song that caught my attention was the track "All Da Way Up". I really hear this song as his single off the tape. The beat is up tempo and the hook and it's infectious chant of "All the Way Up" is catchy. The flow is not complicated and easily recalled which mix well in the ingredients of a single. "Talkn Business" has the most classic line of the tape so it a song that has to be listened to on the tape. "Touch you up like an evo" - CRAZY! lol The record "Cuttin" is the next song I really liked from Kinfolk. The beat is hard and bouncy n the message of the song is up every real club niccas alley! lol The hook is also very catchy and the repetitiveness of Cuttin is one of the songs that stays in your head. The joint "Jealous" also is a nice track. Dre Dre lays a nice feature on this beat. And the both of them spit real talk on haters in their city. My favorite joint on the whole tape is "Player Sh*t (#19) ft. Ray Ray from Haughville. The flow and feature from Ray Ray kills this and it was nice to see an Eastside and Westside artist come so hard on a hard song. "Ima be f*cking ya main, in ya bed watching the game" - Ray Ray MY LINE in this song! I hit rewind on this song in my car a couple of times.

Kinfolk's overall message in his music is the "on the come up" tale but he makes you understand that his perspective is real. Which I appreciate in the music. I would have like to heard more drops and talking from the artist explaining his songs. The concept of having his goons talk and not name themselves was hot and I would have like to see that been the theme, interlude wise. The DJ does a good job of not overdoing the extra effects but I would have like to hear more from the artist. I like the mixtape and it will definitely get bang in my car especially "Player Sh*t". Check him out on facebook: Kinfolk Goonzdn

I give this mixtape: 2.75 out of 5 bands


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