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Friday, December 30, 2011

Year in Review of 2011 Lists - Top 10 Mixtapes of The Year Local (Indianapolis, IN)

This year a lot of artists released mixtapes locally. The scene in Indianapolis, IN is growing by leaps and BOUNDS and I wanted to give them some recognition. Without further ado....

10. Tone Goody - Out The Mud
9. Golde P - Sounds like Money
8. Lil Billy & Lil Skypp - Great Another Rapper
7. T-Eazy - Trained to Go
6. Hoodlumz - Come Here Streets
5. Mike E - Free Throws
4. Mark Battles - Good Morning America
3. Swoe - What the Trap Due 2 HD
2. Playbwoi - Feelin' Myself

This mixtape had the most all around polish sonically and lyrically and content wise. He showed a lot of love to ALL of the other artists in this city and even had Yo Gotti on the tape. I listened to this mixtape for about 3 weeks straight.

1. Yung Tone - RubberBand Lingo 3


  1. WHere can we get Rubberband Lingo 3?? We wanted to post it on the site. Looked it up on google, Datpiff and all that. nothing. Seems the #1 Mixtape of the year needs better marketing.

    Additionally....have you heard "Naptown Reppin" ?

  2. Funny because I just had a conversation with him about his mixtape not being online last night. lol He's posting it, if he doesn't I will. Also send me your email, I see you have a link to our website (Stopbeefinradio) on the blog but it's the wrong link and I can send you the logo - haven't heard Naptown Reppin - where can I hear it?