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Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 10 artists to Watch in Indiana: #9 Poindexter

We put together this list to highlight who is making the moves and who is NEXT from our state. Each one of these artists may not necessarily be the "nicest" lyricist or who you think raps best. All 10 of these people are putting themselves in position to be industry factors for the year of 2015. Watch and pay attention.

10. Playbwoi Tha Great

9. Poindexter

8. ???

7. ???

If this list was based on music only, this artist would be much higher on the list (most of his music is producer by "Geechie"). I was recently introduced to his music through HIM, he brought his mixtape to me. And then I heard his name somewhere again, on a collab with another artist I know and decided to check him out more. I am certainly pleased with the youth that has been served. 18 years old, with great subjects, delivery, word play, and lyricism - he has it all. Pay attention in 2015 you will hear MUCH MORE from this youngster as I expect him to BURST on the scene. Follow him on twitter: @Poindexter__


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