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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 10 artists to Watch in Indiana: #5 Hit Skrewface

We put together this list to highlight who is making the moves and who is NEXT from our state. Each one of these artists may not necessarily be the "nicest" lyricist or who you think raps best. All 10 of these people are putting themselves in position to be industry factors for the year of 2015. Watch and pay attention.

10. Playbwoi Tha Great

9. Poindexter

8. Lil E Hoe

7. Al Koleon

6. Ricky Freezer

5. Hit Skrewface

4. ???

3. ???

This is one of the classic artists from Indiana who seems to keep getting better with time. There is probably not another artist on this list who can claim a truly "CLASSIC" album. Hit Skrewface is from Gary, In - starting with the MCGz and selling over 20,000 copies, Hit took his trademark sound and double time flow to his own imprint Skrewface records. Freddie Gibbs' success in starting ESGN was a blessing for Hit as he took advantage of the opportunity an in 2014, released Hitsville Vol. 3. This spawned the single "Grippin Grain" which was featured on and other national hip hop sites. His project and single have both done well internationally. Be on the lookout for hit and his son "lil Kappy" in 2015.

Follow him on twitter: @HitSkrewface


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