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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Indiana Artists to Watch in 2014 #8 - Sirius Blvck (Indianapolis, IN)

We are going to put together this list to highlight who is making the moves and who is NEXT from our state. Each one of these artists may not necessarily be the "nicest" lyricist or who you think raps best. All 10 of these people are putting themselves in position to be industry factors for the year of 2014. Watch and pay attention.

10. Hit Skrewface

9. Skypp

8. Sirius Blvck

7. ???

S/O to Sirius Blvck, I was put on to his movement by accident and a post on a social network. He is part of the "Ghost Town Collective" a group of "hipsters" who are true hip hop in nature and sonically. Indiana is very diverse in terms of the types of artists in the state and I think that Sirius displays this versatility. I went and listened to 1 song from this artist and immediately went to find more music. People want to know more about artists like this and I think he is one of the best from his genre in the state. Take a second to look him up and get familiar with the music. I think with more exposure he has what it takes to breakthrough in 2014. Find him on twitter: @siriusblvck


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