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Friday, December 27, 2013

Indiana Artists to Watch in 2014 - #4 Robyn Fly (Indianapolis, IN)

We put together this list to highlight who is making the moves and who is NEXT from our state. Each one of these artists may not necessarily be the "nicest" lyricist or who you think raps best. All 10 of these people are putting themselves in position to be industry factors for the year of 2014. Watch and pay attention.

10. Hit Skrewface

9. Skypp

8. Sirius Blvck

7. Nukki Andrews

6. Maxie

5. Yoson Tala

4. Robyn Fly

3. ???

S/O to Robyn Fly who 7 years ago moved from her hometown Indianapolis, IN to Atlanta, GA and began her quest for stardom. She has taken the long road and with hard work and persistence has broken into the industry in a major way, first with her single "Wipe My A$$" on Worldstarhiphop to her new project and single "Marry Money" which was introduced to the world by Russell Simmons' She signed to a DV8 Records a label out of Atlanta, Ga and with her producer Ikey Boy - they are poised and in position to break out in 2014. And Yes a white chick from Indiana may be the first to put her city on LOL


  1. Where are 2 and 1? I'm not feelin her, what about Playbwoi, Scooty...AT?

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  3. Thanks for the love fam! you know i been workin hard reppin my city to death... Can't stop won't stop ...So the shift manager at Hardee's Kristen Vest isn't feeling me awww man... But to everyone else, thanks for all of the love and support through the years ! 2014 Robyn Fly Robyn Fly Robyn Fly

  4. Where's JAE ELLIS?