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Friday, August 21, 2015

[VIDEO] RIGHT NOW- 2uce Betta - Official Music Group

This week belongs to the R&B Singer "2uce Betta" (pronounced "Duece Betta". He sent me his video this week and I must admit the team was HIGHLY impressed at the quality of the music. He has a soulful yet youthful voice that mixes well with ballads. He most recently signed himself and is the owner of his own label Official Music Group, LLC. showing that his business is in order. He released "Korn Kountry" in 2014 w/ DJ Champ, DJ Scream, DJ Black (Hoodrich, The Commission) to great acclaim. He is currently pushing his single "Right Now" in 2015 and I suggest that the people take notice. There is a sleeping GIANT with a GREAT song that will increase the population with his "baby-making music"!

Follow him on instagram: @2uceB



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