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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

If I Was Your Girl (feat. Lee'a Ro & Big Dave) (From Futuretense Vol. 2) Indianapolis, IN

From the creator of Futuretense Vol. 2 Shadowkat Nightson:

"Let's say you never heard of Lee'a Ro. I have to shake my head, because you don't know what you're missing. This woman is a talent that cannot be measured or categorized. Just the way we like it. After meeting Lee'a at the Midwest Leak Awards some time ago & hearing her album, I really wanted to work with her. So, I reached out to Stacia Murphy to make the connect and invited them to the studio. Now, any artist who visits our studio has to undergo very intense scrutiny from Warren because he doesn't want to waste his time. Lee'a Ro impressed us with that visit in a manner that defies description. We received the music from SoulCineMatik. He wasn't sure about the track at first, if I recall. Warren & I started tripping because we could NOT believe what we were hearing. We played it for Lee'a. She loved it. She took the record & wrote to it. She sang it. We were overjoyed. After we captured her performance, we started adding more production to it to make it sound even bigger. What a joy that was.

In fact, that's my youngest brother Rogue Nightson playing the prologue (read intro). We knew the song needed an emcee. Big Dave came in and did this "rain man" thing on the song! He went into the booth with no notepad and pieced his verse together with no lights on until it was RIGHT! This song was a labor of love. Lee'a Ro and Big Dave are the types of artists that we look forward to working with again and again and again. Enjoy."

Produced by SoulCineMatik Lyrics by Lee’a Ro & Big Dave Additional Production by Warren ‘Three V’ Harris, Shadowkat Nightson, Brandis Gossett & Rogue Nightson Prologue by Rogue Nightson

*Available for download on December 3rd via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, etc.


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