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Thursday, May 17, 2012

*They Did What?* Files - L.A. suspends 7 cops for 'Jump Out Boys' clique

Not even possible. Not the LAPD??? Nawwwwwwwwww.... get out of here. lol By Seven deputies from the Los Angeles County sheriff’s gang unit are on paid leave during an investigation into their suspected involvement in a secret clique that promoted aggressive policing and celebrated officer shootings, sources confirmed to The Los Angeles Times Wednesday. For more, visit Los Angeles County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed to NBC4 that seven deputies have been placed on leave, but, citing an internal affairs investigation, would not comment further. Whitmore told NBC4 that his department was aware of the clique and investigating the suspected gang before the paper broke the story. Days after the news broke, the captain of the division told his deputies in a private briefing that they “shamed the department by forming the group and urged those responsible to identify themselves,” the Times reported. One deputy came forward and named six others, a source told the paper. All seven were placed on paid leave this week. Sources with knowledge of the inner workings of the division told the newspaper that current and former Gang Enforcement Team members comprise the clique that used gang-like three-finger hand signs and branded themselves with matching tattoos, modified after a shooting. The tattoo's design is believed to include a grinning skull with red eyes, wrapped in a bandana imprinted with the letters “OSS” – allegedly representing Operation Safe Streets, the name of the larger unit the Gang Enforcement Team is part of, the Times reported. The Gang Enforcement Team is divided into two platoons of relatively autonomous deputies who target neighborhoods where gang violence is high, locate armed gang members and take their guns away, the Times reported.


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