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Friday, March 2, 2012

G-Unit Rapper Precious Paris Releases Her Debut EP “From Paris With Love”

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (February 29), G-Unit’s sole female rapper, Precious Paris, released her debut EP From Paris With Love, which is available for download exclusively on
The eleven-track EP features guest appearances from Twanee, Shaun White, G-Unit label mate Kidd Kidd and 50 Cent, who appears on five tracks including “Trick,” “No Hesitation,” “Queens,” “Everything OK,” and “Do Your Thing.” Production on From Paris With Love comes from the likes of Black Key Beats, Dready, Gnyus, Mr. Colt 45, Rockwilder, and more.
On signing with 50 Cent and G-Unit initially, Paris told, “Being from South Jamaica Queens, signing with 50, in my opinion, was the only move. I always believed that, with tunnel vision.”

Precious Paris got her “introduction” on 50 Cent’s mixtape The Big Ten and was also featured on the song “Queens” for which both she and 50 filmed a music video. When asked about the response she received since her “Queens” debut and what she hopes to achieve with From Paris With Love, Paris told, “I think the general response has been awesome. People seem to have appreciated the style of rap that I brought to the table on the record… It made them curious to hear more.”

“From Paris With Love gave me an avenue to display lyrics and flow on a different level.” She continued, “you’re able to see the diversity in patterns as well as topics. I’ve been waiting to show people how hungry I am and hope they recognize my conviction because I don’t plan on stopping. This mixtape was a no brainer. I’m always in the studio working so we never had a difficult time deciding what this mix tape was going to consist of. I’m very pleased with the out come and I feel blessed to have an opportunity to be heard.”
Regarding Paris’ plans post-From Paris With Love, she said, “moving Forward I will remain focused and keep grinding musically as if none of this ever happened in preparation for the official album. I’m ready.”

50 Cent - Queens, NY feat. Paris (Official Music Video)


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