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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

*Mixtape Review*: Rainy Boy - Happy Trap Home (Indianapolis, IN)

I got this new mixtape from Rainy Boy, from the Westside of Indianapolis - he is a relative newcomer with a lot of potential. His 1st mixtape "Tales from the L" was a nice effort and produced one of the hottest up and coming songs in the market, "Gone Off The Goosey". His 2nd effort Happy Trap Home is a continuing in the growth of an artist who is really still finding himself and refining his skills in the craft. This mixtape was a nice follow up and the overall quality puts it in front of his first. Rainy Boy has wit in his rhymes which stands out the most and it makes for good listening. You find yourself laughing at some of the hood tales and descriptions that he gives. I gave this mixtape about 4 listens back and forth because I really wanted to hear its cohesiveness (which it had) and how the songs fit together. It left definitely anticipating more and waiting on his next project.

The mixtape starts off with his intro of someone behind the bars spitting knowledge on the lack of investment in the hood by those who are getting it. A lot of his songs detail stories of "trapping" and what goes along with that life. The 1st song "I Kno I Can" is produced by famed producer Swiff The Gift and features Tone Goody (Broz Up Ent). The beat is hard and the subject of the song fits. Tone Goody holds it down on his feature and Rainy Boy delivers one of the tapes best lines "I don't want to get her, She looking shitter, She look better on facebook and twitter". The next joint "Levi Jeans" is a hot track and has a hypnotizing beat. The hook "In My Levi Jeans" sticks in your head as well. The "Goosey" Remix is the next banger on the tape. Featuring T Eazy, Dro Man, and Nykky B the beat has been changed and the verses were tight. I would have like to see more people on the remix but everyone on it killed it. Nykky B provided a nice switch up and this should follow up well in the clubs. The tape continues with heat, and the song "Same Nigga" ft D Rock. The hook again fits the beat and the 2 artists keep the vibe of the song real with stories of what they have come through, coming up in the hood. Rainy Boy's production is a real testament to how much it helps records. He has top notch beats on most of the songs. The song "AFter the Club" ft D Golder slows down the tape and gives a new topic in which he talks about that late night search at 5 in the morning to get with a hook up. Its a story after the club that is very popular and relatable. D Golder is a good addition to this song with his vocals. "Bring em Out" produced by Burksdidit is a nice up tempo track with Rainy Boy showing that he can hold down a whole song and keep the energy up. The next record "F*ck Wit Me" is 1 of the better records on the mixtape and is reminiscent of Yo Gotti's "What Up" record. His ode to the city ft Boosie Dre comes off original and fresh however. The tape keeps the heat coming with "Right Now" ft Tone Goody again, (on the hook this time). This could easily be the best song on the mixtape and the hook is CRAZY. It grabs you from the time it comes on and Tone Goody displays why he is 1 of the top artists coming up in the market on the hook. The tape slows down with "Dont Tell" ft C.A This songs tells of taking pills and drinking and being on the low about it. Everybody has a friend who is a "sting on the low" and needs some help. Perfect song. "The F*ck is You On" is a well produced song and probably has the best track on the tape. Osama Bin Laden also moves the tape through well and keeps the energy and high quality production going.

Overall, I liked the mixtape and was able to listen to it more than once easily and I will most likely be putting it back in the deck. A couple of songs "The Swag" - was TOO MUCH swag and really came off like something Lil B would do. Also, I expected more on a couple of collabs with JE Heartbreak. But Rainy Boy has shown growth on this mixtape more than the first and that is what artists should be aiming for and that is to deliver a better quality to their fans each time they drop. So I respect that about his music. He is not the most lyrical in "hip hop" terms and there is a certain redundancy to his music but his wit and the ability to create songs is not lost on the listener. "Happy Trap Home" is a nice effort and I suggest you buy and listen.

I give this mixtape: 3 of out 5 bands

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