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Monday, November 28, 2011

MIXTAPE REVIEW: Tone Goody - Out The Mud - (Broz Up Ent.) Indianapolis, IN

I want to say first that I really was antcipating listening to this mixtape. This is the 1st effort from the Broz Up Ent artist and his growth DURING the process is what amazed me most. With most of the production done by the SUPER PRODUCERS KEAZY and KAZ LIL DADDY, I knew this would come out pretty nice and I was not disappointed. This mixtape is a Trapper's Dream with themes and tales of pill popping, thugging, and more. I would DEFINITELY play this tape back to back and if you need something to ride to, this mixtape would make a good road trip soundtrack because it can go from 1-15. So without further ado, Tone Goody #OTM

Mixtape overall: It didn't start out the best, I would've placed some of the tracks placed in the middle at the beginning. Someone may put it in, give it 5 mins and miss 14 more tracks of HEAT. It gets going with Caution this track is laid back and the chrous really hypnotizes you and places you in the pill laced zone he's creating as a backdrop for the music. Next is the ballad and maybe song of 2012 produced by Kaz Lil Daddy "Pill Man Shawty". I don't even pop pills but after listening to this song I considered a zanie or 2! lol The song also features a stand out verse from Lil Vinnie as well. The tape continues with "Wow" which is also produced by Kaz Lil Daddy and features a sample from "El Dorado Red" - the beat is chopped around the sample nicely and up and comer Boosie Dre appears on this song. The next stand out track is "Everyday" with features from Yung Tone, T-Eazy, and Swoe. It was produced by Keazy Beats and has that definite bang to it. The bass line hits HARD and the mixture of the artist is a nice fit. This song is also a classic in my book. The next song to look out for is "Yes I am" ft Mike E a definite dopeboy classic. The tape continues with the hood anthem "Dirty Money" ft Dro Man. "Break You Off Something" ft T-Eazy and Boosie Dre takes you to the No Limit days and the way they flipped the song was CRAZY! The last song that I really took to on this tape would be 40 Water ft. Joka Slaughta Boi. This song has a nice beat and the hook is CATCHY! Definite banger.

Low Lights: Take me away ft Leamber was a bit disappointing the vocals did not match. "That's all I'm gon say" felt like a filler. The tape quality is also a little low and I felt like the hosting could have been more on point.

Mixtape Rating: 3.5 out of 5 bands


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